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best cat tree condo reviews

Are you searching for the best cat tree condo and cannot decide which one is right for your cat? I know how confounding that can be considering there are lots of brands online. And there’s the question of whether it’s going to be enough for your cat or if he’ll be interested.
And that is why I decided to review the top 5 tree condos so you don’t have to waste any more time browsing online. I have also included other information about cat condos so you ‘ll be a more informed consumer. Before we go to the reviews, here’s a buyer’s guide.

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Why You Need a Cat Tree Condo

  • A cat tree condo or activity tree gives your cat lots of room to play. As you may have already noticed, cats love to climb, play and sleep on high spots. With the best cat tree condo, he’ll have lots of areas to hang out on and enjoy.
  • With a cat activity tree, you’ll be able to keep your furniture safe from your cat’s claws.
  • These trees are made from solid materials and can handle lots of jumping, playing and scratching.
  • A cat condo is a good investment because it’s going to teach your cat not to play with furniture and other items in your home.
  • These trees come in different styles, so it is easy to find one that suits your pet. Furthermore, many are large enough for several cats to play on.
  • Cat trees allow your cats to do what they love, climb and play. Unlike with regular furniture, there won’t be any damage.
  • Cat activity trees are versatile and allow your pet to play as much as he wants. This also means he’ll get exercise and able to stretch his claws and have fun.

Short Review Of Each Best Cat Tree Condo

Here is the short review of all the best cat tree condo that we selected for you.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in

Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in

At 72 inches, the Go Pet Club tree is one that’s designed for large cats. The best cat tree should keep your cat off your furniture, and the Go Pet Club does a good job of that. It has two toy mice, two condos and three perches, giving your cat plenty of room to play, scratch and explore. 10 of the posts are covered in sisal rope, giving your cat lots to scratch on. The solid base also means it’s not going to collapse when he plays.


  • Durable construction.
  • Lovely design.
  • High quality covering material.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Maybe too large for some cats.
  • The carpet is a little thin.

Summary of Customer Reviews

The Go Pet Club is one of the best-rated cat trees as far as customer reviews go. One customer gave it highest rating saying his kittens approve the design. Another customer said she was sceptical at first as she had tried a lot of cat condos before, but was pleasantly surprised at how well her cat received the Go Pet Club.
Another reviewer said he bought it as a replacement for his old cat condo and it’s holding up so far. This view is shared by another customer who said the structure is solidly built and that there is lots of room for her cat.
Not all reviews are positive, with some saying it is too large or the carpet is too thin. But overall the feedback is good. As many of the reviewers say, it is one of the easiest to assemble and the instructions are clear. As another person said, the Go Pet Club is also suitable for large cats and won’t get damaged.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height- 60-Inch to 70-Inch

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height- 60-Inch to 70-Inch

Armarkat is known for making some of the best cat tree products, and this 60-inch condo is a good example. With its dimensions, you’ll find this suitable for different types of cats. It has a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds, more than enough for large cats to play on. It has faux material covering and the board wood is made of pressed wood. It is also available in different colours.


  • Available in different styles.
  • Durable covering material.
  • Multi-tier design for lots of play options.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not suitable for very large cats.
  • The perches are a little narrow.

Summary of Customer Reviews

A customer who bought the Armarkat says it offers great value for your money. This view is also shared by another cat owner who says this is probably the best tree condo you could get for the price. Another said it is comfortable and durable.
A lot of customers also like the construction and durability. One customer said that it’s perfect for his fat, lazy cat and the condo holds his weight easily. This is also the view shared by other reviewers, including one who says all her cats love it. One customer said his cat plays, sleeps and rests in it almost all the time.
Another customer said both his cats and puppies love the Armarkat, and he is also happy with the instructions. He also says that while the carpet material is not that thick, it is quite durable. Another customer said this cat tree is resilient and that it is easy to put together. Another reviewer said it is the finest cat tree she has tried and that she will buy again.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -50-Inch to 60-Inch

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -50-Inch to 60-Inch

The Armarkat is an all-around cat tree designed for scratching, playing, sleeping, climbing and exercising. One of the best cat tree products today, it is built out of pressed wood with covering built from faux fleece. The structure needs some assembly, but the process is straightforward and easy to follow.


  • Solid built.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Stable.
  • Made of quality materials.


  • The base is a little short on the side.
  • The bundled toys are a little flimsy.

Summary of Customer Reviews

The reviews for this Armarkat scratch post have been mostly favourable. One of the reviewers says it is the “perfect” cat tree and that his cat really enjoys it. Another one said in her review that it is very stable and that it’s ideal for her small cats. This sentiment was echoed by another customer who says it is a must have.
One reviewer says he was encouraged by the reviews and agrees that is one of the best-rated cat trees today. This view is shared by another person who says that it is a great cat tree. She was somewhat sceptical at first and thought it would not be stable enough, but it turned out to be good.
There is also another reviewer who gave the condo tree highest rating, saying he was hesitant at first but as it turns out her cat really loves it. Another highest rating reviewer says his cat spends most his time relaxing in the condo while the sun shines. Just like all products, not all the reviews are positive, but a majority are happy.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -70-Inch to 75-Inch

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -70-Inch to 75-Inch

The best cat tree should be all-around, and that is what the Armarkat is. At 70 to 75 inches it is larger than other cat condos. The extra space means there is more room for your cat to scratch, exercise and sleep. The material is built from pressed wood which is not only attractive but also durable. The faux covering is well-made and it comes with a hammock and assembly tools.


  • Tall enough for medium to large cats.
  • Easy to follow manual.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Assembly tools included.
  • Durable covers.


  • Has a slight glue smell which eventually disappears.
  • More for younger than older cats.

Summary of Customer Reviews

The general consensus among reviewers is the 75” Armarkat is a well-made condo. One of the customers who gave this 5 stars says his cats absolutely love it. Another reviewer points out that it is very easy to assemble and that it’s very stable. Another reviewer says the condo is convenient and just what he was looking for.
Another highest rating review came from a cat owner who says her cats adore it. This viewpoint is shared by another customer who says that it is well built. Many reviewers also like its size: one customer says she has 6 large cats and the condo is ideal for them. Another reviewer says the quality is better compared to other cat condos.
One reviewer wrote the Armarkat offers great value and that it is sturdy. He also said it holds up to heavy scratching and playing. He also echoed the sentiments of other customers who like its design and how much cats enjoy playing on it. So while not all reviews are in its favour, the majority are.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height- 75-Inch and Up

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height- 75-Inch and Up

If the standard Armarkat cat condos are too small, you can check out their 75 inches and up series. One of the best cat tree condos that the company has made, it uses pressed wood for the board and faux fleece for the cover. It has a weight capacity of 70 pounds and should support heavy cats. It also has lots of scratches and plays areas for your cat. The structure also has a stable base to keep your cat safe.


  • Plenty of room for cats to play and sleep.
  • Available in different styles.
  • Made of durable material.
  • 70-pound weight capacity.


  • Maybe too high for some cats.
  • Beds are a bit shallow.

Summary of Customer Reviews

The reviews are mostly in its favour. One customer gave it highest rating, saying her cats spend hours playing there. Another reviewer gave it highest rating for its ease of assembly and quality. Other reviewers say it’s durable and have saved their couches. According to one customer, he bought his years ago and it’s still going strong.
Another cat owner gave it highest rating as her cats now play on it instead of her furniture. The same customer also says it assembles quickly. A highest rating customer points out that is also the condo can be reconfigured to suit the needs of your cats. He also said the unit is not as heavy says he thought it would be and that it’s not hard to reposition.
Another positive review came from a female cat owner who said it’s very tall and with plenty of room. While there are a few negative reviews here and there, most of the people who bought the cat condo are content with it.

Most Important Features to Look for in a Cat Tree

All brands claim to have the best cat tree condo, but only you can determine if that’s the case. Cost is important, but it is not the only factor you should look into as the following are also important.

Exercising: The tree must have multiple tiers and porches so your cat can move around. The more tiers and levels there are, the more fun your cat will have and the more workouts he can do.

Sleeping: All that playing is going to your cat out, so there should be space here for him to rest and sleep. A well-designed tree condo not only offers lots of play space, but it must also provide space for them to rest.

Climbing: We have already mentioned this before but it is worth stressing again. The multiple tiers are essential for your cat so they can climb and do what they like. The more climbing options, the better.

Scratching: Cat condos are made from different materials, but whatever you choose make sure that it can be scratched, i.e. the surface won’t suffer any damage.

Easy assembly: This one doesn’t need a long explanation. The best ones need just a few minutes to put together.

Durability: The tree condo should be made of high-quality materials so it can handle regular use.

Size: Cat activity trees come in different shapes and styles, so pick the one that is most suitable for your cat. Small and medium size cats could use a condo with lots of porches, while large ones may not be inclined to climb the higher levels. Whatever the case, make certain it is suitable for your cat’s size and activity level.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Cat Tree Condo

Design: The best cat tree has at least one platform and scratching area per cat. There should also be an area where the cats can sleep and rest. Stability is also a must.

Construction & Durability: What is the weight capacity of the tree? Make sure it can handle the weight of your cat or cats. The greater the weight capacity the more durable the tree condo will be.

Ease of Maintenance: A well-made cat condo must be easy to clean and not need special cleaning solutions. Condos should be compatible with various cleaning solutions so it won’t be a hassle.

Tree Weight: How heavy is the tree? A portable tree means you can easily move it around. But you don’t want the tree to be too light. In either case, the tree needs to have a solid base so it does not topple when your cat plays.

Cat Age: If you have a kitten, the condo should not be too tall he won’t be able to reach the top. Young cats will prefer a higher platform, while fat and/or elderly cats may prefer a low tier design.

Cat Size: The size of the condo needs to be commensurate with that of your cat. You also have to consider the number of cats you have. Even if the cats are small, you will need a larger condo.

Colour Choice: This is a matter of personal preference. Cat condos come in all shapes and sizes so it really depends on your personal taste. Just choose the one that suits your style.

Scratching Areas: Cats love to scratch and that is what a condo tree is for. But make sure the material is one that cats will actually like. And as mentioned earlier, there needs to be one per cat.

Price: The cost is always a factor, but it should not be the only one. You need to look at the other elements such as those mentioned here. You also have to check the shipping cost and other hidden fees that may apply.

If you have several cats, the choice comes down to get one large condo tree or several condos. It is usually better to just get a single large one as it encourages your cats to play together.

Cat Tree Brands in the Market

Armarkat: some of the top rated cat trees today are made by Armarkat. The brand makes several types of cat trees from small to large ones, and their cat condos are also known for their solid weight capacity and can handle a lot of abuse. Their cat condos are also renowned for their quality materials.

Go Pet Club: Go Pet Club manufactures several quality condos, and their products are well-known for durability and style. They’re also distinguished by the use of sisal ropes which entices cats to scratch. Go Pet Club cat condos are also among those which are easy to assemble and have a stable foundation.

There are a lot of good brands and manufacturers of cat condos, but Go Pet Club and Armarkat are above the rest when it comes to design and flexibility. And that is the reason why we have their products here.

More Things You May Also Need

Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack

Fashion's Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 pieces

This variety pack consists of 20 unique cat toys including catnip, balls, feather, strings, and more. As anyone who’s owned a cat will tell you, they’re picky and can tire quickly of a toy. With 20 toys in this collection, there will be plenty to keep him occupied and off your furniture.
The Fashion’s Tall Cat’s varied collection allows your cat to play alone or with you. You can also place these around the cat condo so he’ll have lots of playthings to keep him happy. You can also give one toy at a time so if he tires of it, you can bring out the next.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

If your cat is really into scratching, the Turbo Scratcher could be what he’s looking for. It is built for hours of use, and its channel comes with a small ball he can nudge. The centre is textured and durable, but you can just as easily replace it. The package includes a 1 ball, 1 scratch pad and the base.
The construction is simple but effective, and the texture is the type that cats like to scratch. While it is aimed at young active cats, it is also something that older cats that prefer leisurely play will like.

Prosper Cat Tunnel

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

We all know that cats love to squeeze themselves into tight places. With the Prosper Cat Tunnel, you get three spacious interconnected tunnels for him to play in. It includes a rattle ball and peephole so he can have fun for hours on end. Unlike other tunnels, the Prosper Cat Tunnel is made of polyester with the steel frame for durability.
The tunnel doesn’t collapse in the centre so your cat is safe inside. Once he’s done playing you can fold the tunnel so it doesn’t consume too much space. 17 inches deep and 10 inches high, the tunnel is suitable for different types of cats.

How to Keep the Cat Tree as Good as New

Even the top rated cat trees won’t last if you don’t take care of it. To keep it from deteriorating, make sure you follow the assembly instructions. Loose components could weaken the structure and cause it to collapse. This might damage the tree and hurt your cat so inspect the tree before letting your cat use it.

  1. Use the cat condo as it’s meant to be. If the cat condo is for small felines, don’t let your large cat play on it as he could topple it over. Kittens and small cats can play on large condo tees, but supervise them so they don’t get hurt.
  2. You should clean the condo at least every month. Don’t let dirt and grime accumulate so it remains in good condition. Keeping the structure clean is one way to make sure that can withstand long term use.
  3. Put some toys around the condo tree. The more playthings your cat has the less it’s going to wear out the condo.
  4. One more thing: buy from a quality manufacturer. No matter how careful you are, a cat tree won’t last if it’s poorly made.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the right condo tree size for my cat?
Answer: It depends on the size of your cat, activity level and age.

2. Do these condos need assembly?
Answer: Yes, but usually it is minimal and the instructions are easy to follow.

3. Will a cat condo keep my cat from scratching my furniture?
Answer: While cat behaviour can be difficult to predict, most do stop and just focus on the condo tree.

4. Are cat condos configurable?
Answer: Some allow a good deal of customization, but most can only be set up in one way.

5. How high should a cat condo be?
Answer: It depends on the age and activity level of your cat, but don’t get a very tall condo if he’s still a kitten or a small cat. If it’s too high he might fall down and get hurt. Older cats will love the extra platforms.

My Recommendations

My top rated cat trees are the Armarkat 70 to 75 inch and the Go Pet Club Tee Condo. What I like about the Armarkat is its durability and the many ways your cat can play. It is also high enough for adventurous cats, and its covering is also more resilient than other cat condos.
For the Go Pet Club, I love its design and the many options it gives your cat. With this condo, he can play, scratch, exercise and sleep too. It’s an all in one solution and is also solidly built. Between the Armarkat and this one, it’s really tough to choose, which is why I picked both.

Final Words

Cats have different personalities, but what they all share is their love for scratching, jumping and playing. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of furniture. Today, however, you can now buy cat trees for your cat so they don’t have to mess around with your couch.
With this guide to the best cat tree condo, hopefully, you won’t have any problems figuring out which one to get for your feline friend. With my recommendations and reviews, your cat should finally have a condo he’ll really enjoy. And it also means your furniture will be spared as well!


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